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The Happiest Yoga
On The Planet

From the creators of The Color Run comes Soul Pose — a yoga celebration for YOU.


Do YOUR kind of yoga at one of our all-level daytime, sunset or blacklight yoga sessions! Body paint, confetti and new friends make #HappiestYoga fun for everyone. Find Soul Pose in a city near you!

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Yoga For You

Experienced yogi? Never set foot on a mat? No problem! #HappiestYoga is for everyone!

Event Locations

  1. Seattle, WA
    August 19

  2. Chicago, IL
    September 2 & 3

  3. Grand Rapids, MI
    September 23

  4. Twin Cities, MN
    September 30

  5. Austin, TX
    October 14

  6. Rochester, NY
    November 11

  7. Boise, ID
    Coming Soon

  8. Los Angeles, CA
    Coming Soon

  9. Montreal, QC
    Coming Soon

  10. Portland, OR
    Coming Soon

  11. Scottsdale, AZ
    Coming Soon

  12. Québec
    March 11

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Experience Soul Pose

Meditate & Celebrate

Connect with other Soul Pose Yogis in an uplifting, no-pressure environment.

Participant Kit

Each registration comes with a Yoga Mat, Embroidered Towel, Namaste Bracelet, and Confetti Pack.


Check out some of our best moments from past events