The Happiest Yoga
On The Planet

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The Happiest Yoga
On The Planet

From the creators of The Color Run comes Soul Pose. Some say yoga is a practice, we say it's a party - and you're invited.

Two Words: Yoga. Party!

We bring the vibes with fresh beats, body paint and dance party breaks. Whether we throw the yoga party under blue skies or blacklights, you’ll love getting your flow on with us. Check your city to see which style of Soul Pose is coming to you.

Breakin' Down That Yoga Barrier

Whether you've never done yoga or consider yourself a pro, Soul Pose is for you.

Event Locations

  1. Bay Area, CA
    October 22

  2. Chicago, IL
    October 29

  3. Rochester, NY
    November 12

  4. Montreal, QC
    November 19 & 20

  5. Los Angeles, CA
    Coming Soon

  6. Miami, FL
    Coming Soon

  7. Salt Lake City, UT
    March 12

  8. San Diego, CA
    July 9

  9. Twin Cities, MN
    August 6

  10. Brooklyn, NY
    September 4

  11. Seattle, WA
    September 10

  12. Grand Rapids, MI
    September 24

  13. Denver, CO
    October 16

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Less Meditation, More Celebration

You don't have to be a superhuman pretzel to vibe with us

Participant Kit

Each registration comes with a Yoga Mat, Glow Bracelet, Embroidered Towel, Namaste Bracelet & Confetti Pack.


Check out some of our best moments from past events