The Charm of the Woods is Here with Wooden Frame Glasses

Let wooden frame glasses give you the trendy look you need. Why not? Wooden frames have been rocking the party of trends by gaining popularity with each passing day. If you have a fashion eyewear collection and don’t own a pair made of wood, you are surely missing out. Wondering what’s so enchanting about wooden frame glasses? Well, everything about them.

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Once upon a time in the woods.

Yes, we are talking about history. While wooden glasses have begun gaining popularity only in the past few decades, they were born centuries before. It was the Italians who in the 13th century made the first wearable glasses. And to frame their lenses, they found materials like leather, animal-horn, and wood. Yes, it was the forests of Italy that led to the existence of today’s trendy wooden frame glasses. However, wood couldn’t stay as the best choice because of the lack of innovation and technology that couldn’t ensure its durability and functionality.

The new-era adornment – Wooden frame glasses

Thanks to development in technology and the special treatment of wood nowadays, wooden frame glasses have turned from super delicate in the past to strong and durable. Yet, there’s more to the benefits of these glasses you must enjoy.

Wooden frame glasses
  1. The “twopenny-halfpenny” weight.

Yes, wooden frame glasses are lightweight and that’s the reason why they are so loved by students and the working class who have to spend long hours with glasses on their twinkling yet tired eyes. Not being too heavy means less pressure and marks on the nose and also, minimal eye-strains and headaches that usually happen because of heavyweight glasses.

  1. The eco-friendly approach.

While these wooden frame glasses will prove to be your best friend soon, they are as friendly with the environment too. Wood is biodegradable, unlike the metal and plastic that’s used in frames. Also, wood can be recycled and made into eyewear for you. This is exactly what makes wooden frames stick out a mile. If you are a nature-lover, we’re sure you’ll love these wooden frame glasses as your way to promote eco-friendly products and save the environment.

  1. The hypoallergenic essence.

When you choose something to wear all-day, you need to be sure it doesn’t bring with it any side effects or allergies. Wood is then the ultimate choice for your glasses, as we serve it with plant-based treatments that make sure your glasses are sweat-resistant and waterproof. With no reactions caused due to water, sweat, and face oils, you can stay worry-free while wearing the wooden charms on your face.

  1. The way you one-up your style quotient.

With all those specialities mentioned above, you are sure to pick up the most amazing of all frames. And there’s no better time to pick these wooden glasses, than when they are one among the top in the trend charts. You don’t want to be left behind. Do you? They fabulously help express your individuality, love for nature, and your unique sense of style. And that’s the added reason why they are a must-try for your upgrade in fashion. Why not have a look yourself?

How you can become the trendsetter!

Wooden frames glasses are the trend and you wish to be the trendsetter in your circle. All you need to do is get yourself a cool pair of these glasses and don them with style. You can find an embellishing assortment of wooden frame glasses online at Specscart. As always, you can make them your choice of prescription or reading glasses. Or like many teens and adults, you can choose them as your fake glasses if you don’t need any eyesight correction. The purpose being – to flaunt your better sense of style and fashion-forward looks. So, get cracking, choose your favourite – one or many, from the variety we have and make them the head-turner for you.

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