Third Party Commenting System for a Blog

In present, blogging has become a trend on the internet. While this situation, commenting systems plays a major role in most of the blogs. Blog owners these days pay great attention on enabling comments on their blogs. Is enabling comments on a blog worth a lot? Yes it is. Here is why. 

Comments are the media that build user-blog owner, user- writer, user-user connections on a blog. Blog comments are the media that users express their ideas, suggestions, and carry out the discussion. Though comments seem less important, it gives piles of benefits to both users and blog owners. When you enable blog comments, users interaction automatically increases because users love to express their personal ideas and suggestions Guest Blogging Services. They feel comfortable when they have a place to gain knowledge and to carry out discussions. Not only that but also comments give chances for blog owners to improve the blog by themselves by analyzing comments.

Native Commenting systems does not 100% work with blogger and user desires. That is why you need third party commenting systems. So, it is worthy to enable comments on a blog. For that purpose, you need to choose a good commenting plugin. This is where most of the blog owners give up. However, choosing a good commenting system is not that hard if you follow these tips.

1.Choose an attractive commenting system

This is important because an attractive commenting system attracts more users. Choose a commenting plugin which has an attractive user interface. In this process consider about the colors specially.

2.Choose an user friendly commenting system

It should be user friendly. So that makes a user to comment freely without any interruption. Commenting on your should be easy to users. That also improves user interaction as they tend to comment more because of the ease of commenting. 

3.Choose a Ads free commenting system

It is better if you can choose a third party commenting system free of ads. Because no one loves to be disturbed while interacting on the blog.

4.Moderation of the Comments matters

Choosing a commenting system with moderation features matters because as a blog owner, comments moderation is important to maintain your blog.

5.Choose a commenting system according to your blog needs

This is much important apart from the other tips. Apart from above 4 tips, you need to take decisions of choosing a commenting system according to your goals and blog needs. 

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