Natural Eyelash growing tips

We all love long, curved eyelashes. So many people nowadays wear fake eyelashes to make their eyes look pretty. People apply mascara over there lashes to make them look dark and bulkier. But let’s face it, nothing is as good as natural eyelashes. If you think you cannot have real lashes that this and gorgeous, you are wrong my friend, cause you can, everyone can. 

Today we are going to share some methods through which you can have the thing you have always been jealous of, something you always wanted. Here are few home remedies and tips that will help you get the lashes you have always desired.

5 Best Natural Eyelash Growing Tips

#1 Eye Mask

An eye mask made of eggs, vitamin E or petroleum jelly will help you provide nutrients to your eyelashes. Or you can simply mix some of the vital ingredients and make one eye mask. 

You can mix an egg with glycerin and/or petroleum jelly and apply at least thrice a week for some months. Eggs consist of biotin and vitamins which help strengthen eyelashes and also prevent their loss. 

#2 Eyelash Growth Serum

One of the best solution is the eyelash growth serum. It gives you guaranteed and instant results. It is specially designed to treat the deficiency of hair of the eyelashes including length, growth and darkness. Some great serums available in the market are Careprost eyelash serum and Lumigan Eyelash Enhancer. 

#3 Green Tea

You might wonder how green tea is going to help with eyelashes. Well, FYI green tea consists of antioxidants and vitamins and is even used in cosmetic products and hair growth treatments. 

Now the question arises, how do you use it? It’s quite simple, you just have to make a cup of strong green tea, let it cool down and apply it on your lashes with a piece of cotton or cotton pad at least twice a day. 


#4 Good Nutrition 

Hair loss can be a cause of improper nutrition. Lack of essential vitamins and minerals may lead to hair loss and eyelash loss. It is extremely important to have a well-balanced diet every day as per your nutrition requirements. 

When we say to have good nutrition, we don’t mean to increase calories or fats. We suggest eating as much of proteins, vitamins, and foods rich in fatty acids like nuts, oilseeds, meat, fish, poultry, fruits, and vegetables. 

#5 Avoid Unnecessary Eye Rubbing 

We understand you might be allergic to certain things and eye rubbing is just a symptom. But it’s important that you don’t over rub your eyes that make them weak and prone to eyelash loss. 

Use Visine or any other allergy medicine to ease exasperation and redness. Also, avoid excessive cleaning of eyelashes as they will too make them weak. If you wish to massage your eyelashes, use clean hands and avoid doing it briskly.

Bonus Tips

  • Never pull your eyelashes while using an eyelash curler. It will make them weak from roots and thus they fall out easily.
  • Daily care of your eyelashes can improve the overall condition of eyelashes, therefore, nourish them regularly. 
  • Pick your mascara wisely. Of corse, you would want to wear waterproof mascara every time you go out in parties, pools and beaches. But waterproof mascara’s are not the best choice at all. It makes your lashes brittle and unnatural. Therefore, try to wear natural mascara as much as possible.  
  • Normally, eyelashes may fall 4 per day but if you face more than 4 eyelash falls, consult a dermatologist immediately.  

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