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The Happiest Yoga
on the Planet

Boise, ID

December 2, 2017

Ford Idaho Center

From the creators of The Color Run comes Soul Pose, the Happiest Yoga on the Planet! Do YOUR kind of yoga at one of our blacklight yoga sessions. Body paint, confetti and new friends are always in full supply. Our all-level yoga sessions are fun for everyone — from experienced yogis to someone who has never set foot on a mat.

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Participant Kit

Each registration comes with a Yoga Mat, Embroidered Towel, Namaste Bracelet, and Confetti Pack.

- Monica Lee

Hey, I’m Monica! I'm super excited, nervous, giddy, and crazy honored to be a part of Soul Pose. I love to see a group of excited and smiling yogis. Add black lights, glow paint, and confetti? Sounds like a BLAST! Being able to take you into a fun and unique yoga experience like this makes my heart smile super big. My session in one word: FUN!

5 facts about Monica:
-If I could do yoga with a celebrity, I would pick both Beck and Willie Nelson.
-My favorite yoga position is trikonasana (triangle pose)
-I like anchovies on vegetarian pizza
-I'm a Leo, so my spirit animal is a lion
-If I could definitely eat tacos for the rest of my life.


- Mckenna Buckley

Hi, I’m Mckenna! I have a crazy story… I quit my “stable career” in the corporate world as a CMO to teach yoga! I am also a craft beer blogger voted one of the "Top 30 Female Beer Lovers to Follow on Instagram" according to Men's Health Magazine. I merged the two loves of my life: yoga and craft beer. I wanted beer drinkers to be open to yoga and yogis open to connecting with beer drinkers. My passion is to build a community of diverse people through yoga. Yoga has no bounds and I wanted to show that by bringing yoga to unorthodox spaces. My yoga style is all about giving you the confidence to love yourself and others.

Fun facts about Mckenna:
My best advice for yogis is to remind yourself daily how awesome you are!
Me in one word: Quaintrelle.
If I had to eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be green smoothies… or fancy cheeses.
Spirit animal: Can I be part mermaid, part unicorn?
My favorite yoga position is kapotasana or camatkarasana.


- Lori Tindall

Hey, I’m Lori! I'd call myself a teacher and a coach, but I'm also a human BEing, Yogini, athlete, foodie, health nut, life-long learner, cosmic, and eternal. I'm passionate about holistic nutrition, wellness, healing, meditation, yoga, spirituality, sports, and all things related. My favorite quote is “You be you!” and I would easily rename every yoga pose to "you-be-you-asana" :) Soul Pose is a heart-filled, fun community gathering that assists in connecting people to their truest nature. I can’t wait to be a part of its friendly and loving mission!

5 facts about Lori:
-I survived a pack of sharks following me while I was swimming in the Gulf of Mexico.
-My teaching in one word: Enlightening.
-If I could do yoga with any celebrity, it would be Russell Brandt.
-My spirit animal is a grizzly bear.
-If I could eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be green tea. That’s food, right?