chadar trek

According to veteran trekkers, the Chadar trek is one of the most challenging treks in the world. With temperatures touching – 20°C during nights and – 10°C during the day, this trek is not recommended for the beginners.

Despite hazardous conditions, Chadar remains one of the most sought after trekking destinations. There are three travel itineraries that determine how you will reach Chadar.

Here is a brief overview of each of those itineraries and they offer a different travelling experience.

Essential facts about Chadar trek

  • Region: Ladakh.
  • Trekking distance: 70km (approx).
  • Maximum altitude: 11,213ft. Or 3,500m.
  • Walk distance: 15km-17km per day.
  • Chadar trek best time: Mid-January and Mid-February. 
  • Duration: 9-15 days.
  • Difficulty: Moderate to hard (depends on your itinerary.)
  • Trek route: Leh – Tilat Sumdo – Shingra Koma – Tibb Nerak – Shingra Koma – Tilat Sumdo, Leh

Trekking itineraries

  • 9-day program

Every itinerary is known to have an acclimatization period. The trek begins from Shingra Koma. You will be walking on thin ice so make sure to follow your lead guide’s footsteps.

Shingra Koma consists of a campsite, surrounded by snow-capped mountains. After staying here for the night, you move towards Tibb cave after crossing Tsomo Paldar.

The final destination is Naerak Pullu campsite. You will have a chance to meet the locals. This is as far you can go in Chadar trek Ladakh and your return journey begins the following day.

  • 11-Day Program

The 11-day program is similar to the previous itinerary with an added destination, known as the Lingshed Village. It is a quite isolated place and is known to house a 1000 years old monastery. Nonetheless, this itinerary is recommended to individuals with trekking experience.

  • 15-day Program

Hike to Tilad Do

The 15-day itinerary is an arduous trek and is not recommended for individuals without prior experience. After you reach Ladakh and finish acclimatizing a car will take you to Chilling 3 hours away. There is a famous Buddhist temple on the way which you can visit. On reaching Chilling, the car will take you towards Tilad Do where your journey begins.

Shingra Koma

It is a 12km trek to the valley of Shingra Koma. Caution is advised while walking over ice. Nonetheless, even if you are prepared, trekking accidents are a common occurrence in hilly regions. In order to financially secure yourself against such incidents, you can purchase the trek cover offered by Bajaj Finserv under Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions. This insurance policy provides benefits such as emergency road travel assistance, complimentary insurance against personal accidents, PAN card replacement services, and more.

Tibb Cave

The Tibb Cave is an opening in the rock face. Your guide will most probably set camp inside of this cave. It is mainly famous for its night scenery.

Naerak Pullu

During your 10km trek to Naerak Pullu, you will come across one of the world’s largest frozen waterfalls. This region of Chadar trek is regarded by trekkers as one of the most beautiful parts of the journey.

Some of the other neighbouring regions you can visit are Dib Gongma, Kilima, Pidmo, and Padum.

Experienced trekkers travel even deeper into the Zanskar Valley. If you like going to such exquisite places and other adventure sports, then you can consider purchasing an adventure sports insurance to secure yourself against any unforeseen accidents financially.

Your return journey begins the next day where you have to trek back to Tibb and then to Shingra Koma and finally back to Chilling.

Safety advice

As the Chadar trek difficulty gradient is rated as severe; trekkers are advised to carry specific essentials such as proper clothing, medicines, and electronics. This ensures they are well-equipped in any situation, especially if they are travelling alone.

They can even go ahead and avail a solo traveller insurance cover and financially secure themselves against any mishaps they encounter during their solitary adventures.

This complete guide to Chadar trek outlines most of the essential landmarks you can visit during your trek. You can follow these Chadar trek tips to plan the perfect trip for yourself.

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