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A successful blog a combination of various efforts. Most of the bloggers create great super content on their blogs. But, they do not consider about user interaction. They say that they do not have a clear idea on how to improve user interaction of a blog. This situation has create a disaster of less blog audience and low user interaction. Blogs with low user interaction are nothing. They do not give justice for the great content it has. So, it is important to improve user interaction. Strategies to improve user interaction of a blog is not that hard and mysterious as you think. This article covers how to improve user interaction of a blog.

Improve User Interaction of Blog websites
Improve User Interaction of Blog websites

1. Identify Users’ Needs

First of all you ought to know what your users need. Identifying their needs and reviewing from users’ point of view helps a lot to identify users’ needs. You will face a disaster unless you clearly understand what users need. According to your blog niche, your blog users’ needs comes different from each other. So this is a valuable strategy that you must carefully work with.

2. Respect your Users

Users are the treasure of a blog. Everyone love to be respected: even animals loves to be respected too. So why not users? Users prefer to read, and spend time on a blog freely. They do not want to be disturbed. Most of the blog owners has enabled ads on their blogs. When users are reading articles on the blog, ads interrupt them. Users really hate that. So, minimizing ads help to improve user interaction. The second one is your way of writing blog posts or articles. Articles of your blog should be written in a friendly, respectful way. This helps your blog to have full of users often.

3. Create a Place for Comments

Users prefer to express their ideas, suggestion, emotions and carry out discussion with others on blogs. Comments are the media that connect users and blog owner and it also build connections between user-user as well. So, to create a place to comment, you need to enable comments on your blog by installing a commenting plugin for your blog. Choose an attractive, good, and user friendly commenting plugin. This helps you to improve user interaction. Users will spend hours carrying out discussions om your blog and share their ideas.

4. Ask Feedback from Users

Do not let your users feel neutral reading the end of articles on your blogs. Convince them to give their ideas, suggestion by asking feedback. When you ask feedback, they will definitely give it. So this automatically helps to improve user interaction.

5. Consistency

Maintaining consistency of your blog is quite important. To maintain consistency, you need to make your users to expect next article or blog posts on your blog. You should keep them excited. Another way of maintaining consistency is the way of your writing. Write your article in a manner like you and the reader having a conversation. Do not let the reader feel that you are from a different era, or you are someone else. This helps to build up the trust between you and your reader. That encourages reader interaction with your blog.

From above 5 tips given, you will now be able to improve user interaction of your blog for sure.

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