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The Happiest Yoga
On The Planet

From the creators of The Color Run comes Soul Pose — a yoga celebration for YOU.


Do YOUR kind of yoga at one of our all-level daytime, sunset or blacklight yoga sessions! Body paint, confetti and new friends make #HappiestYoga fun for everyone. Find Soul Pose in a city near you!

Official Soul Pose Sponsors:

Yoga For You

Experienced yogi? Never set foot on a mat? No problem! #HappiestYoga is for everyone!

Event Locations

  1. Boise, ID
    December 2

  2. Portland, OR
    December 9

  3. Montreal, QC
    February 17

  4. Québec
    February 24

  5. Seattle, WA
    August 19

  6. Chicago, IL
    September 2

  7. Grand Rapids, MI
    September 23

  8. Twin Cities, MN
    September 30

  9. Austin, TX
    October 14

  10. Scottsdale, AZ
    November 4

  11. Rochester, NY
    November 11

  12. Los Angeles, CA
    November 19

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Experience Soul Pose

Meditate & Celebrate

Connect with other Soul Pose Yogis in an uplifting, no-pressure environment.

Participant Kit

Each registration comes with a Yoga Mat, Embroidered Towel, Namaste Bracelet, and Confetti Pack.


Check out some of our best moments from past events